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In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the exciting journey of uploading your very first music release on Gotchscape. 🚀

Step 1: Log In to Your Gotchscape Account

To get started, log in to your Gotchscape account using your registered email and password. If you haven’t created an account yet, check out our guide on signing up! 📧

Step 2: Access the “Add New Release” Section

On the sidebar menu, you’ll find the “Add New Release” option. Click on it to kickstart the process. 🎶

Uploading Your Release on Gotchscape Distribution Platform 🎵 4

Step 3: Fill in the Music Details and Upload Files

In this section, you’ll be prompted to provide all the essential details about your music:

  • Upload your audio or video files 🎤🎥
  • Add track metadata i.e. title, artist name, date, and genre 📝
  • Customize your release’s cover artwork 🖼️
  • Specify additional release details like lyrics, composer, and more 🎼
Music Details
Uploading Your Release on Gotchscape Distribution Platform 🎵 5

Step 4: Review and Submit Your Release

After ensuring all the information is accurate and complete, take a moment to review your music and submit it after confirming everything is correct.

Step 5: Monitor Your Release’s Progress

You can check the status using the “Release Checker” tool in the “My Music” section. This handy feature will ensure everything goes smoothly. 📊

You’ve successfully leaped and uploaded your first music release on Gotchscape! Your music is now on its way to reaching a broader audience, and we can’t wait to see your journey unfold.

Remember, Gotchscape offers a range of tools and features to help you promote, analyze, and manage your music effectively. Stay tuned for more tutorials to make the most of your Gotchscape experience. 🎵✨

Uploading Your Release on Gotchscape Distribution Platform 🎵 6

Do you have questions or need assistance?

Check out our Help Center for guidance. We’re here to support you every step of the way. 🤝

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