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Kenya’s Gengetone sensation, Mbuzi Gang, is making a triumphant return, just a month after their leader, Fathermoh, announced their breakup.


This unexpected comeback is thrilling fans all over.

Let’s take a quick look at their journey.

The Beginning of Mbuzi Gang

Mbuzi Gang’s story began when Joefes and iPhoolish met at a high school ‘funkie’ and became fast friends. They even ended up at the same university together. In 2018, Joefes released his first song, laying the foundation for their musical adventure.

Adding Fathermoh to the Mix

In 2019, Fathermoh joined the group, and they became an unstoppable trio. Their songs like “Wagithomo” and “ShamraShamra” featuring Mejja put them in the Gengetone spotlight, showing off their incredible talent.

The Breakup and Surprise Reunion

In July, Fathermoh revealed on Instagram that he was no longer part of the group, leaving fans in doubt about Mbuzi Gang’s future. However, the group’s recent reunion announcement on social media has brought renewed hope, citing the lack of progress in other Gengetone groups as their motivation.

What’s Next?

Now, all eyes are on Mbuzi Gang’s upcoming YouTube project, set to drop next week. Fans can’t wait to hear what the group has in store and witness their musical evolution.

Mbuzi Gang’s reunion is a testament to their enduring friendship and talent. From their beginnings in high school to their rise in the music scene, they’ve captured the hearts of many.

As they gear up for their new project, one thing is clear – Mbuzi Gang is back and ready to make waves in the Gengetone world once more. Get ready for some exciting music!