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Daddy Andre is known for his ability to ignite any party with his infectious music, and his most recent release, “So,” is no exception. This solo track showcases Daddy Andre’s versatility and talent, as he effortlessly delivers a dancehall vibe that is both captivating and attractive.

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With a combination of undulating bass, tripping rhythms, and energetic lyrics, “So” embodies the essence of peak Daddy Andre. The song explores the themes of girls and partying, and Daddy Andre’s seamless blend of Luganda and English adds an extra layer of charm to the track.

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Daddy Andre’s music has a way of getting you on your feet or nodding your head in rhythm. To fully immerse yourself in the infectious energy of “So,” make sure to stream it on YouTube and all other digital platforms.

So, don’t miss out on the party-starting vibes of Daddy Andre’s latest release. Stream “So” below;

Daddy Andre “So”

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