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The hit song “Kwa Bar” by Odi wa Murang’a is on the verge of reaching a major milestone with almost 1 million streams on YouTube. The song has already amassed an impressive 984K streams on the platform, and it’s not just YouTube where it’s making waves. It has gained massive popularity on other digital streaming platforms and has even sparked TikTok challenges on the promotional application.

This success has undoubtedly fueled the enthusiasm of Odi wa Murang’a’s fans, who have been eagerly diving into his other projects and listening to his songs. And it’s not just the fans who are captivated by “Kwa Bar” – Fathermoh and Harrycraze, who are featured on the track, have also been receiving immense love and support from the audience.

The combination of Odi wa Murang’a, Fathermoh, and Harrycraze in this song has proven to be a winning formula, captivating the hearts of fans and leaving them wanting more. With their undeniable talent and the infectious energy they bring to the track, it’s no wonder that they have become fan favorites.

As the streams continue to climb and the excitement builds, it’s clear that “Kwa Bar” is a hit that shows no signs of slowing down.

So let’s keep streaming, sharing, and supporting “Kwa Bar” to help Odi wa Murang’a, Fathermoh, and Harrycraze reach that impressive milestone of 1 million streams on YouTube.

Kwa Bar by Odi wa Murang’a

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