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Love by Swat Matire and Bahati is making waves on YouTube with over 89K streams and counting. This heartfelt song combines romantic elements with a touch of gengetone vibes, showcasing Swat Matire’s versatility as an artist. Fans and critics alike have praised Swat for exploring a new genre and delivering a captivating love song. 

The structure of this song is so catchy because Swat Matire and Bahati really take you throughout the love song. The lyrics are so easy to learn, making this a great track to sing along to with fans. The chorus is also melodic, and despite it being repetitive, it really suits the song since it shows emphasis about the young love.

It’s exciting to see Swat Matire stepping out of their comfort zone and embracing new musical territories. We can’t get enough of it!

Stream Love by Swat Matire and Bahati below;

Love by Swat Matire

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