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Here’s a hot new release called “Show Me” from Thee Exit Band, featuring the talented Fathermoh and the TikTok challenge master himself, Collo Blue. This collaboration promises to bring the groove and get you moving on the dance floor. The song starts with catchy hooks and choruses from Thee Exit Band, followed by Fathermoh spitting fire with his verses. And after the second chorus, Collo Blue jumps in, referencing popular TikTok challenges like Sherra, Miondoko, Bazokizo, Chun Li, Madoido, Alkeida, and more. It’s awesome to see an artist (dancer) branching out into music. 

They’ve been promoting the song on TikTok even before its debut, encouraging fans and TikTokers to join the #ShowMeHowYouDo challenge to make the song go viral. The vibes are just off the charts, from the chants to the beats produced by Vic West. We can’t wait to see what kind of video they’ll create. In the meantime, keep streaming “Show Me” by Thee Exit Band, Fathermoh, and Collo Blue on your favorite digital platforms. Let’s support these talented artists and keep the party going!

Show Me by Thee Exit Band

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