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iPhoolish has just dropped a hot new gengetone anthem called “Naskwambii Pole,” featuring the talented Harrycraze and Fathermoh. The song kicks off with an explosive verse from Fathermoh, followed by iPhoolish, and then Harrycraze, each bringing their unique style to the track. Their verses are straight fire, perfectly complementing the infectious beats produced by Vic West.

“Naskwambii Pole” translates to “I won’t tell you sorry” in Swahili, and it’s a phrase commonly used to mock people who easily get hurt. In this song, the guys playfully taunt those who act like sissies and always seek apologies. It’s a catchy and relatable theme that adds an extra layer of fun to the track.

The song is now available on all major digital streaming platforms and YouTube, and it’s already gaining momentum on TikTok. Dancers are taking up the challenge and showcasing their moves to various dance styles that perfectly match the rhythm of the song.

Let’s join forces and support iPhoolish, Harrycraze, and Fathermoh in pushing this amazing track to new heights. Share it with your friends, create TikTok videos, and let’s make “Naskwambii Pole” the next big trend in the gengetone scene! 

Naskwambii Pole

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