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Get ready to groove and conquer the rap scene with an electrifying collaboration that will leave you craving for more! Team Veterans and Swat Matire have joined forces to bring you the ultimate bop, “Roria.” 

“Roria” is a Swahili-sheng word that carries powerful meanings like representing, conquering, and disturbing. In this song, the guys rap about their street lives over the amazing beats crafted by Magix Enga. It’s fascinating to listen to these talented artists as they flow effortlessly and complement each other without overshadowing one another.

This single marks a mighty start for Team Veterans, following the success of their previous albums, “Mali True 1” and “Mali True 2.” Team Veterans have got something big in the works too! They’ve been teasing their upcoming album, “Mali True 3,” on their socials, and fans are eagerly waiting for its release.

To fully experience the magic of “Roria,” make sure to stream it by Team Veterans and Swat Matire. And don’t forget to follow these talented artists on their social media platforms to stay updated on their exciting upcoming projects. 

Roria by Team Veterans

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