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Joefes and Kushman have just dropped their latest track called “Mother in Law,” and let me tell you, it’s causing quite a stir!


This song is all about the funny and witty experiences they’ve had with their mother-in-law making advances towards them when their girlfriends aren’t around. The video sounds like a riot, with Joefes chilling with his girlfriend, playing PlayStation, when his mother-in-law unexpectedly shows up at the door.

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As his girlfriend leaves the room, the mother-in-law starts getting a little too touchy-feely, touching his beard and knee. And it doesn’t stop there! There’s another scene in the kitchen where Joefes is singing, and the mother-in-law continues to make advances. 


Kushman also joins in on the second verse, rapping while hanging clothes outside. The song was produced by Vic West, and the video was shot and edited by Director Lozh. From what you’ve described, the visuals are clean and beautifully set. And guess what? The video even features guest appearances from Fathermoh, Harrycraze, and Ocham! It sounds like a star-studded affair. 

This is a solid ten from the duo for their creativity and humor. Let’s hope this song becomes a trendsetter! If you’re in a goofy mood or need to lift your spirits, check out this track, Mother In Law by Joefes and Kushman that will make you crack a smile. Enjoy!

Mother In Law by Joefes

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