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Marketing & Promo Services

“Unlock Your Music’s Potential: Our Expert Promotion Drives Your Fan Base!”


Elevate your Spotify presence with GotchScape’s Playlist Push. Get your track featured on premium playlists, generating high-conversion plays and boosting your royalties.


Shine a spotlight on your music journey with GotchScape’s Music Blog Placement. Gain exposure and recognition by featuring your tracks, videos, or music projects in five carefully selected blogs. It’s your time to step out of the shadows and into the limelight!


Maximize your Spotify presence with GotchScape’s Premium Exposure Pack! Push your track onto five exclusive Spotify playlists, creating a buzz that turns listeners into loyal fans. Uncover the magic of playlist discovery and watch your royalties soar.


Elevate your music’s visual identity with GotchScape’s Album/EP/Single Cover Artwork service. Immerse your audience in a unique, vintage collage art style with a surrealistic touch. Stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression with custom-designed cover art tailored to your needs and concept.


Unlock the potential of direct communication with your audience through GotchScape’s Email Marketing service. Tailored for musicians, this powerful tool amplifies your promotional efforts and strengthens your connection with fans.


Boost your music’s visibility and expand your YouTube artist profile with GotchScape’s YouTube Promotion. Get featured on a network of official partners and curator playlists, reaching thousands of new viewers effortlessly.


Swiftly elevate your indie music on Spotify with GotchScape’s “Best Indi Choice” playlist! Curated by us and boasting 4,000 likes, this premium playlist is your express ticket to 3,000-5,000 streams, reaching an ever-growing audience of dedicated listeners.


Step into the spotlight with GotchScape’s Music Blog Placement service. Illuminate your musical journey by featuring your works and achievements in a thematic blog post. From new songs and videos to album releases and tour dates, let your story unfold in the vibrant music community.


Effortlessly promote and share your music across multiple platforms with GotchScape’s Music SmartLink. Streamline your music distribution strategy by redirecting your fans to their preferred music platform and even create pre-release buzz with real-time notifications. Unlock the power of a single SmartLink to enhance your music promotion experience.



Amplify your music release with GotchScape’s Radio Airplay & Website Feature. Your music will hit the airwaves on GotchScape Radio, securing daily playlists and Powerplays for a month. Additionally, enjoy a detailed written feature on the Radio site, complete with airplay news, times, and valuable feedback. Your spotlight extends to social media platforms for broader reach.


Catapult your music to a global audience with GotchScape Radio Promotion. Reach over +100 countries and +500 international radios, connecting with national, local, and web broadcasters. Elevate your music career with direct feedback, detailed download statistics, and targeted promotion to key radio programmer contacts worldwide.


Zoom into the limelight with GotchScape’s “Top Speed” playlist! Join our curated Spotify playlist with 10,000 likes, and watch your track accelerate to 5,000-10,000 plays during the promotion period. Unlock the potential to gain over 10,000 followers on social media and make your music a global sensation.