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Radio Airplay & Website Feature

“Unlock Your Music’s Potential: Our Expert Promotion Drives Your Fan Base!”

Radio Airplay & Website Feature


Amplify your music release with GotchScape’s Radio Airplay & Website Feature. Your music will hit the airwaves on GotchScape Radio, securing daily playlists and Powerplays for a month. Additionally, enjoy a detailed written feature on the Radio site, complete with airplay news, times, and valuable feedback. Your spotlight extends to social media platforms for broader reach.

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Key Features:

  • Radio Airplay on GotchScape Radio
  • Daily Playlists and Powerplays for a Month
  • Written Feature on Radio Site
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Valuable Feedback Included

How It Works:

  1. Submission: Provide high-quality music/video along with artist/band bio, press photos, social media handles, song lyrics, and credits.
  2. Delivery: Within 3 working days, witness your music release hitting the airwaves and gaining daily playlists and Powerplays for a month.
  3. Written Feature: Enjoy a spotlight on the Radio site with comprehensive details, airplay news, times, and valuable feedback.
  4. Social Media Exposure: Extend your reach with the feature shared across social media platforms for increased visibility.

This service offers a holistic approach to music promotion, from radio airplay to website features and social media promotion. Elevate your music with GotchScape’s comprehensive solutions.


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