Music Distribution

“The Ultimate Platform for Independent Musicians”

Gotchscape offers a comprehensive platform for artists and musicians to distribute music to 300 DSPs worldwide.

Our advanced distribution system ensures that your music reaches a global audience, increasing your chances of discovery and success in the industry. With our easy-to-use interface, you can upload your tracks, set release dates, and monitor your music’s performance across multiple platforms, all from one centralized dashboard.

Whether you’re an independent artist or a record label, our music distribution service is designed to maximize your reach and help you connect with fans worldwide.

Instant set-up

Upload your song, provide a few details and release. We even provide a UPC code if you don't have one.

Release everywhere

Release your music to over 300 DSPs worldwide including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Keep your royalties

Don't share your earnings, become a Pro and keep 100% of revenue from your music sales

Free IMB Anti-Piracy

Protect your music and earnings on every stream/download with automatic takedowns.

Are you a label looking to distribute large amounts of tracks?

If you are a label or have a large catalog of songs that you would like to distribute digitally, then we can create a custom package for you. If you are looking to reduce your costs and you have other needs, such as promotion and sync management, then we can combine these services into an unbeatable all-in-one price.

We can create the perfect package for you that includes all your promotional and licensing needs

Digital distribution

No matter the size of your catalogue, we have a digital distribution solution for you.

Sync management

We work with the biggest names in the business to make sure we get the very best placement opportunities.

Marketing and promotion

From branding, media management, asset creation and airplay - we have experience working with artists.

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