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Let’s keep streaming “Halleluyah” by Nina Roz and Pastor Wilson Bugembe. This song is truly special as it’s all about praising God and acknowledging His goodness in our lives. Nina Roz and Pastor Wilson Bugembe beautifully convey the message of how God has rescued people from their sufferings and provided them with hope and deliverance.

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With heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, “Halleluyah” reminds us of the power and faithfulness of God. It’s a song that resonates with many, as it captures the essence of gratitude and the belief that God is always there for us, guiding and protecting us.


I couldn’t agree more with your enthusiasm to stream “Halleluyah” and make it a hit. By sharing this powerful song with others, we can spread the message of hope and inspire others to find solace and strength in their faith. 

Halleluyah by Nina Roz

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